• Your donation matters here Dr. Motollko
  • Your donation matters here Dr. Borrie

Why St. Joseph's?

A gift in your Will guarantees that those who come through the doors of St. Joseph’s in the future will receive the same patient-centred care you have come to expect today. In fact, your kindness could make it even better.

You can ensure that the generations of the future benefit from the very best health care.

St. Joseph’s is a major teaching centre, shaping the doctors and nurses that will treat our children, and their children after them.

We’re also home to Lawson Health Research Institute — one of the largest hospital-based research institutes in the country. Our researchers are pioneering new techniques and uncovering new learnings about the body, and how best to care for it.

With new technology and ground-breaking advancements, health issues will be diagnosed earlier, and treatments will be less invasive and more effective. Healing will be faster, and recovery will be more complete.

We are home to over a thousand beds. The St. Joseph’s team performs more than 22,000 surgeries and tends to more than 37,000 urgent care visits each year – and many of our patients go home the same day. Through rehabilitation and recovery, patients can live their healthiest lives.

The care of tomorrow – that’s the gift you are giving, with a bequest to St. Joseph’s. Learn more about how you can make a difference by speaking to someone from our team.