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A Lifetime of Care

Making a gift in one’s Will is a powerful decision.

Your gift will bring cutting-edge technology and equipment to St. Joseph’s patients. It will help attract the best and brightest researchers, to move innovations in care from the lab bench to the bedside. It will create specialized spaces across St. Joseph’s care facilities that are designed to enable and enhance the treatment of specific health issues.

Bequests to St Joseph’s are a big part of bringing the health care of tomorrow to life. In many ways, the St. Joseph’s of today is different than the St. Joseph’s of ten years ago. Thanks to our hard-working and talented team of caregivers and our incredibly generous donors, we’ve evolved to focus on ambulatory (outpatient) care, recovery and rehabilitation, and chronic disease management.

In other words, we’re driven to help patients get home sooner, heal faster and stay well longer. When you get down to it, that’s always been the core of health care at St. Joseph’s. With your generosity, it always will be.

Learn more about how you can make a difference by speaking to someone from our team.

Adam Barnes always saw St. Joseph’s as a pillar of the community. It’s where his wife, Joanne, gave birth to their two beautiful children. And the urgent care team has cared for their family many times over the years.

The Barnes family on a hammock

Adam decided that a gift in his Will made financial sense for him and his family.