• Because of the Brenda's legacy gift... patients and residents enjoy the best care.
  • Because of their service ... St. Joseph's is proud to care for those who bring the battle home.

A Gift In Your Will

When a loved one is unwell, you want them to receive the absolute best care. Nothing matters more than having a team of doctors, nurses, and other staff who see them not as a symptom or disease, but as the person you know and love – as your sister, your father, or your close friend.

At St. Joseph’s, we treat the mind and spirit with the same compassion we treat the body. For many of us it‘s important to feel certain that our loved ones will always receive that level of care, with dignity and respect, when they need it.

There is an extraordinary way to invest in health care innovation and facilitate discoveries that would otherwise not be possible. Sometimes, we call it a legacy gift, because of the long-lasting legacy of generosity it creates — rippling out today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

We hope that the following information about leaving a gift to St. Joseph’s in your Will is of use to you in your considerations.

"I remember sitting up in bed one night and saying, 'I’ve got an idea. Let’s do something for St. Joseph’s.'”

Audrey and Byng Cunningham

Audrey and Byng Cunningham are confident that their gift to St. Joseph's will advance the care, teaching and research.