• St. Joseph's Health Crisis Fund

Leadership Gifts

Two donors sitting on a bench

Private donations have been critical to the work of St. Joseph's ever since Mount Hope was first founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph's in 1869.

It takes a community and the commitment of many people to have the kind of health care we all want for ourselves and our family and friends. Philanthropic gifts create funds for emerging programs, establish new research positions and transform how we meet the needs of those we serve. You can help us invest in care, teaching and research that would otherwise not be possible.

Our goal is to understand your interests and work with you to help ensure the future of our health care system. We have identified several funding priorites that we invite you to support.

We want your gift to have a major impact. That's why we joined a growing number of nonprofit organizations accreditated through Imagine Canada's Standards Program. We proudly display Imagine Canada's Trustmark to earn your confidence gift is making a major difference in the lives of thousands who receive care at St. Joseph's. Learn more about our ethical fundraising practices. 

For more information about leadership giving, please email sjhcfoundation@sjhc.london.on.ca or call 519 646-6085.