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Granddaughter’s crafts make for special holiday gift

Young girl embraces her giving spirit with a donation to St. Joseph’s

One of the most special gifts that Myah Hadash gave her grandfather came with the support of her whole community. Over the Christmas holidays, the 11-year-old girl from Wardsville raised $250 selling homemade wreaths in support of Parkwood Institute’s Palliative Care Unit (PCU), where her grandfather was receiving care.

Three women hold up Christmas wreath and large cheque
Myah Hadash (left) holds up one of her Christmas wreaths with her mother Tanya Hubbard (middle) and Lisa Malbrecht (right), Director of the Complex Care Program.

The idea was inspired by a wreath-making course that Myah took a few months earlier with her mother Tanya. Myah gave her first wreath to her teacher Mr. Wells as a Christmas gift. When other teachers started to inquire about the wreath on display in his classroom, a fundraising campaign was born. Myah offered to make more wreaths in exchange for donations to the Palliative Care Unit, and began filling orders with help from her mom. 

“It’s fun to make crafts,” she says. “I like helping people and Parkwood is a great place to visit Grandpa.”

The newly renovated PCU, which opened in December 2018, is a haven for those like the Hadash family during difficult and emotional times. For patients at the end of life, special touches made possible by donors like Myah make all the difference in creating a home away from home.

Join Myah by bringing care and comfort to those in our care by supporting St. Joseph’s today.

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