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A scrap of difference

St. Joseph’s Facilities Engineering team, in partnership with John Zubick Ltd., donates $4,713 to St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation in support of Share the Spirit.

members of the facilities engineering team hold up a large cheque

From left to right: Aaron Rastin, Marco Liberatore, Rick Nolan, John Spurdza and Paul Inman from St. Joseph's Facilities Engineering team hold up a cheque later donated in support of the Share the Spirit employee giving campaign.

“I merely made the team aware of the employee program and they did the rest,” says Rick Nolan, Coordinator of Facilities Engineering. “These guys really care about this organization and the people that are here. They are known for getting the job done and their involvement with the Share the Spirit campaign was no different.”

The Facilities Engineering team at St. Joseph’s is dedicated to providing the highest standard possible to facilities across all sites. One of the many unsung heroes of the organization, the team, often in the background or hardly noticed by passersby, diligently ensures that all operations at St. Joseph’s are functioning with minimal disturbance to patients, staff and physicians.

This year, this passionate group, in partnership with London’s John Zubick Ltd., is stepping into the limelight with a $4,713 donation to St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation as part of the Share the Spirit campaign.

Share the Spirit is St. Joseph’s annual employee giving program in support of the foundation and the United Way of London-Middlesex. Donations made by St. Joseph’s staff and physicians through this campaign have a great impact on patients and residents and those living in the London area.

When Facilities Engineering team at Parkwood Institute, made up of  millwrights, plumbers, electricians, painters and other skill trades, learned how staff donations positively impact the patients in the buildings they help maintain, they came up with an innovative way to participate. By collecting valuable brass, copper and other scrap metal from various jobs, the group took the time to sort and save the material rather than tossing it. 

“Through various projects we were able to accumulate a large amount of scrap metal,” says Millwright Paul Inman. “Not only does it reduce waste, but it gives us an opportunity to give back.”

Within a year, more than one ton of scrap metal was collected and brought to St. Joseph’s scrap metal vendor, John Zubick Ltd., which issued the cheque for the team to donate.

“A lot of our work is done behind-the-scenes,” says Rick. “We see all the incredible nurses, doctors, and physiotherapists at Parkwood Institute doing really fantastic work and this was simply our way of pitching in.

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