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Pacing her recovery

Kristin Heard sittin in a chair

Kristin spent years in recovery after an incident on the soccer field left her with a concussion. Severe headaches, fatigue and dizziness made life extremely challenging for the outgoing mother of three young children. Everyday activities like driving her kids to hockey practice or sitting down with family at the dinner table became draining. She spent much of her time sleeping in a dark room.

Unable to concentrate for long periods of time, Kristin took a leave from her job and put a hold on her master’s program to focus on recovering. She was determined to get better but progress was slow. It seemed like every step forward was followed by two steps backwards. 

That was when her family doctor referred her to the Acquired Brain Injury Program at Parkwood Institute. Her clinical team took a comprehensive approach to her care, treating the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of her injury at the same time. She learned to pace her recovery and process information so that she didn’t feel overwhelmed. She also introduced meditation and yoga into her daily routine for exercise.

Slowly the cloud inside her mind began to clear and she started to feel like herself again. Though she no longer plays soccer, Kristin has since made a full recovery and is back to working and being a busy parent of three kids thanks to the dedicated team at St. Joseph’s.

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