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A lifetime of service creates new mission

After a 35-year career with the Canadian Armed Forces, retired Master-Corporal Ed Duffney is finding new ways to give back to a profession that meant so much to him.

Retired Master Corporal Ed Duffney holds up one of the shirts he sells to raise money for veterans

Ed Duffney holds up one of the shirts he is selling to raise funds for the Veterans Care Program at St. Joseph's.

In retirement, Ed is embracing a new mission as a volunteer and a fundraiser for the needs of Veterans. He sells t-shirts to raise money for the Veterans Care Program at Parkwood Institute. The latest design (pictured above) is black with a large image of a poppy and a statement that reads “God bless the people who support our Veterans.” He’s extremely proud of the t-shirt he helped design.

You can find Ed travelling around the grounds of Parkwood Institute with a sign advertising his fundraiser. The $20 shirts are proving to be very popular among visitors and staff.

Ed, himself a resident of the Veterans Care Program, is a highly motivated salesman and he’s known throughout Parkwood Institute and beyond for his dedication to the cause. “The Veterans need our help and I just want to make a difference,” he says.

In the summer he attended a car show where he sold over 70 shirts, totaling $1,400. It helps that he’s an expert storyteller; people regularly stop to chat with Ed and he never misses an opportunity to sell another shirt. Since beginning his fundraiser, Ed has donated $10,000 to the Veterans Care Proram.

Ed’s fundraising efforts contribute towards care and comfort items that help create a home-like environment for the Veterans who reside at Parkwood Institute. Community support makes it possible to purchase items like pressure-reducing mattresses and blanket warmers – things that can make all the difference to enable the best possible care. Doing his part to support his comrades at Parkwood Institute is all the motivation Ed needs to continue his new mission.

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