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Your donations matter to people like Joanne

A breast care patient at St. Joseph's Hospital


Joanne’s journey with St. Joseph’s began just before her 50th birthday when an abnormality was found on her breast screening results. Her tests came back normal, but from that moment on she began annual checkups at St. Joseph’s Breast Care Program. 

When she discovered a lump two years later she told her technician right away at her annual checkup. That day she had a mammogram, an ultrasound and a core biopsy – tests that used to take weeks done in a span of 90 minutes. 

Thanks to the skillful breast care team, at her follow-up appointment she was told that the tumour had been fully removed and the cancer had not spread.

Through donations to the Breast Care Program, people like Joanne can have peace of mind knowing they have access to technology that can detect disease at the earliest stage, like an MRI with breast imaging capability.

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