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Peter and Beth value great healthcare close to home

Beth and Peter Whatmore

Peter and Beth Whatmore are connected to St. Joseph’s in so many ways.

Beth is a born-and-raised Londoner who values having expert care just around the corner. Peter has been a volunteer, a Board member and a dedicated fundraiser for St. Joseph’s for more than 35 years. Their family and friends have received excellent care at St. Joseph’s. They’ve seen the dedication of the doctors, nurses, staff, and management firsthand.

That’s what motivated them to make a special commitment to health care in their community.

“It’s amazing what a little bit of money can do
to help.”

When Peter first joined the Foundation’s Board of Directors, the couple decided to make a gift of life insurance, to support programs that benefit generations to come. Years later, upon re-visiting their Wills, the Whatmore’s decided to include a gift to St. Joseph’s there as well.

Peter and Beth hope their gift will do a great many things in the future – from detecting cancer earlier and treating it more effectively, to helping folks with acquired brain or spinal cord injuries recover, and caring for those with dementia. Today, the Whatmore’s feel proud of the lasting effect they’ll have on health care, for their friends and family in London and the community beyond.

You can also ensure that healthcare in our community remains excellent for years to come. Learn how you can build your legacy at St. Joseph's through a gift in your Will.

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