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This is an exciting time in medicine. Research and innovation are coming together like never before to help determine the origin of disease. People are benefiting from breakthrough treatments that save, extend and improve life. Each advance opens new doors, new cures, and new approaches to care.

And yet, it’s not enough.

Cancer, diabetes and heart disease have now reached epidemic levels and are the leading causes of death in Canada. Mental illness and dementia is rising at alarming rates. And, aging populations, who are living longer than ever before, are testing our over-burdened health-care system.

Advancing care, finding cures and easing the burden of disease is the mission of the hundreds of clinicians, researchers and staff who work at St. Joseph’s. It's also the hope and dream of thousands of patients and families who battle against whatever odds they face.

two women perform surgery

St. Joseph’s leading the way as one of the most unique health care organizations in Canada. Our prominent medical research facility, Lawson Health Research Institute, enables us to translate theoretical knowledge into transformative care at the bedside. Our specialized services make us relevant and necessary to almost every segment of the population, now more than ever before.

We advocate for the vulnerable and those without a voice. We actively pursue and build partnerships for a better health care system. We forge new paths to meet ever-evolving needs and challenges.  We find innovative solutions in our ongoing quest to do better. We act consciously knowing the privilege and obligation to do our best for the sick and the suffering.

But we can’t do it without your support.

Philanthropic investments will make possible discoveries, innovations and transformational change that our publicly funded health care system cannot support alone.

Now is the time for action. Now is the time to make the once impossible a reality. Together, we can change the future of health care where disease is no match for perseverance. No match for expertise and imagination. Where together we are able to tackle the greatest health challenges of our time.

Donations matter here.

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