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Adam believes that anyone can build a meaningful legacy

The Barnes family on a hammock

Adam Barnes always saw St. Joseph’s as a pillar of the community. It’s where his wife, Joanne, gave birth to their two beautiful children. And the urgent care team has cared for their family many times over the years.

Adam couldn’t imagine living in a neighbourhood without a hospital like St. Joseph’s. And the importance of giving back is deeply ingrained in him. But making an average income and with a family to feed, giving a significant amount felt beyond his means. 

Then his mother Sue, a member of the St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation team, showed Adam a way to make a lasting impact. She explained how anyone – even someone with a young family to support – can make a truly meaningful investment.

Adam chose to make a gift of life insurance to support the most urgent patient care needs of the future. By paying a small amount each month into an insurance policy now, he’s able to leave a sizeable gift in the future. For Adam, it’s a far more powerful and strategic way of giving than the smaller gifts he and his family used to make – and it’s very affordable.

Now, Adam knows exactly the kind of legacy he’ll leave behind. Learn how you can build your legacy at St. Joseph's.

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