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A decorated WWII veteran who makes his home at Parkwood Institute

Albert poses in the workshop with his tools

Albert, a 91-year-old Veteran, has been a resident of the Veterans Care Program for the past four years, becoming a master “tinkerer” and a member of the resident food council.

Albert grew up in England and joined the military when he was 18 years old. During the war, he was a truck driver carrying supplies and personnel to various locations across Europe.

When he first arrived at St. Joseph’s Parkwood Institute he was quiet and reserved. Today, you’ll find Albert busy at work, enjoying the Veterans Arts program where he builds birdhouses, turntables and re-engineers folding stools. 

Albert continues to lead a life of purpose in the Veterans Care Program because of the quality of care he receives. He’s also full of ideas to continually improve the lives of other residents around him too. 

Through donations to Season of Celebration, St. Joseph’s is able to support programs and services that help people like Albert flourish – from art, music, and recreational therapy to wheelchairs and specialty mattresses that provide those special touches all year long.

“At Parkwood Institute I’m able to be creative, keep my brain active and enjoy life more,” says Albert. 

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