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Meet Bob Armstrong

Bob Armstrong smiling

A little red fire engine. That was the most memorable Christmas gift Bob received as a child. Do you remember yours?

When he was just 8-years-old Bob stayed home to keep his dad company when the rest of the family went to the Christmas bazaar at church. His father was recovering from an injury and wasn’t well enough to venture out. When a family friend who was playing Santa at the bazaar found out, he came by the house in full costume and gave Bob the most exciting Christmas present imaginable in those tough times — a little red fire engine! Bob cherished that toy for many years.

Bob is a 92-year-old veteran who makes his home in the Veterans Care Program at St. Joseph’s Parkwood Institute. He cherishes many of his childhood memories — winter days spent skating on the pond, sledding or throwing snowballs. And he gets to revisit those memories when he paints in the Veterans Arts Program. You can find him in the studio just about any day of the week with a paintbrush in hand, creating wonderful landscapes. He says each and every painting tells a story. 

Our annual Season of Celebration campaign, a long-standing tradition here at St. Joseph’s, tells a story too...

You see, every dollar you contribute to this special holiday campaign will make life more comfortable and joyful for Veterans like Bob and other patients and residents across St. Joseph’s. Your gift will go toward urgent care and comfort items like:

  • Ceiling lifts that ensure safe transfers in and out of bed
  • Specialty pressure reducing mattresses that prevent elderly residents from contracting bed sores
  • New furnishings like chairs for resident rooms and dining spaces

These are the little things that make imake a hospital feel more like home for those who live with us.

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