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A talented painter

Bob Armstrong painting a canvass

Let me tell you a little more about Bob and his painting life…

It was 1948 when Bob had a serious accident on the job as an electrician. Just 22 years old and a veteran of the Second World War, Bob needed something to keep him busy during six weeks of recovery time.

So he pulled out the oil paint kit his wife Betty Jane had bought him when they married and set to work. He’d never had any formal art training, but painting became a passion that has seen him through the last seven decades!

After starting in oils and losing many wet canvasses to the curious and smudgy fingers of his young children, Bob switched to faster drying acrylics for his paintings.

“It’s such a blessing to still be able to do things with my mind and hands,” says Bob. “Some people think that, at my age, I must be out to lunch, but so many of us are not. We are still enjoying life.”

Bob smiles with painting of a boat in the harbour

That’s why Season of Celebration is so important and why your donation matters here. Through this end-of-year giving campaign, you can make a direct impact on so many lives by supporting front line patient care equipment, recreational activities, therapy programs and enhancements of residents’ living environments.

To me, it’s these extra touches — these enhancements to daily life — that are perfect examples of the spirit of St. Joseph’s. Caring for the body, mind and spirit to recognize the whole person. That’s the St. Joseph’s “difference”. 

As the holidays draw near and you reflect on what is most important to you, I hope you’ll take this opportunity to make a special Season of Celebration gift. Your support will give comfort and joy to those in hospital at Christmas, and all year long. 


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