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Thanks to you, Bob is comfortable in his new home

Bob Armstrong painting a canvass

Bob has been an artist for decades, learning to paint with a kit his wife bought him when they were newlyweds. When he moved to the Veterans Care Program at Parkwood Institute last year, Bob kept up his hobby just like he did at home. He’s in the Veterans Arts studio nearly every day, with a smile on his face and a paint brush in his hand. For Bob and his fellow Veterans, Parkwood isn’t just a hospital – it’s home. And thanks to you, that home is more comfortable and joyful.

Through the Season of Celebration campaign, your donations supported care and comfort items like blanket warmers and pressure reducing mattresses, as well as recreational activities and therapy programs that enhance the lives of patients and residents across St. Joseph’s.

For residents like Bob who are spending Christmas at St. Joseph’s, your donations brighten the holiday season. But even as the pink Lights of Caring fade into the new year, the impact of your generosity remains, supporting quality care and home-like comfort all year long.


string of pink light bulbs