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The Possibilities Project

Possibilities Project

As people finish their stay in hospital following a serious injury or illness they often require medical equipment that will enable them to continue their recovery at home. But even the most basic needs are expensive and difficult for some to afford.

Chris Fraser, a former patient of the Spinal Cord Injury Program who later became a dietitian with the team, wanted to do something to ease the financial burden of those leaving the hospital. What started as an effort to give away spare equipment soon evolved into a mission to raise funds for those in need of medical equipment. Many people have contributed to the Possibilities Project, including the clinicial and non-clincial staff at St. Joseph's.

The Possibilities Project aims to ease the financial burden for patients with spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury and amputations. Your donations help purchase medical equipment like wheelchairs, hospital beds, porch lifts, ramps, home modifications and other things that enhance the independence and quality of life for patients returning home. 

Please give today.


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