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Supporting Patients & Residents

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Your Donation matters here, especially during the Christmas season.

By giving a special gift to the 2018 Season of Celebration campaign, you will touch the lives of Bob and so many other patients and residents through priority projects like:

Recovery through Creative Arts

Art therapy helps people cope with life’s challenges, discover new things about themselves and recover from mental illness. With donor support, we launched the Recovery through Creative Arts Program that connects people receiving inpatient mental health care at Parkwood Institute’s Mental Health Care Building with community artists from the London Arts Council. 

Every week, hundreds of patients attend drop-in music, art, drama and writing workshops. They eagerly look forward to these sessions and some participants in music therapy have even recorded their own original songs. Your support can help us complete the funding for this two-year program that enhances quality of life for those with severe and persistent mental illness.

Veteran’s Tree of Caring

St. Joseph’s Veterans Care Program provides so much more than medical care. For our residents, Parkwood Institute is a community, a place to gather, and, most of all, their home. The Veteran’s Tree of Caring supports medical equipment, care and comfort items and enhancements to the living spaces used every day by the Veterans. 

This year, the Veteran’s Tree of Caring will help to meet the unique needs of residents by supporting new furniture and furnishings for their rooms, refreshing the shared dining rooms to be more comfortable and providing accessible, tilting shower commodes for safe bathing and new ceiling lifts to help residents get out of bed to participate in mealtimes and activities. 

Enhancing Care at Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care

Mount Hope’s therapeutic recreation team is committed to providing meaningful programs that support all 400 residents to thrive. You can help fund two new programs that meet the unique and complex needs of residents: 

  • Virtual Reality (VR) Technology: For residents in long term care, VR plays an important role in supporting socialization, physical activity, cognitive function and engagement that enhance someone’s quality of life. Community support is required to implement a VR program at Mount Hope. Residents will use this technology to bond over shared experiences and virtually participate in activities like sky diving, horseback riding, golf and roller coaster rides.
  • SMART Boards: These interactive, mobile whiteboards enable all residents – including those with communication impairments – to connect with others and take part in activities that support their learning and development. Right now, Mount Hope only has two SMART boards, but there is an urgent need to purchase three more. The therapeutic recreation team will use them to facilitate programs for cognitive stimulation, social connections and even recreation.