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Honouring their service

On a trip back from the grocery store, Ross Murney became light-headed and confused. He later collapsed into a bed of rocks. Ross had just had a stroke.

“I just remember waking up later in the hospital,” he recalls. Ross found it difficult to cope with symptoms from the stroke. Movement in his right arm was compromised and routine tasks such as cooking meals and taking out the garbage became challenging.

Ross Murney sitting in wheelchair with decorated medals

Fortunately, Ross was able to move into the Veterans Care Program at Parkwood Institute and three years later, Ross says he’s in a good place. As a former Zone Commander and President of Lambeth Legion, Ross feels at home among fellow veterans and will never forget his service to Canada as a paratrooper during WWII.

At a recent Remembrance Day ceremony at Parkwood Institute, Ross felt honoured when he was asked to lay a wreath at the cenotaph. “It just feels good,” he says. “I’ve lived a good life. I’m now the last surviving member of the committee who brought the Remembrance Day ceremony to Parkwood over 30 years ago.”

Thanks to your support, veterans like Ross are able to experience the camaraderie that defined their service to Canada. In the past, donors have sent veterans like Ross on a three-day camping excursion to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind’s beautiful Lake Joseph Centre in Muskoka. At the camp, veterans create nature-inspired art, go on walks through the forest, and exchange memories around the campfire. “It’s special for us to be able to go together,” says Ross.

Your support of this year’s Season of Celebration campaign raises funds for items like specialty mattresses. By easing blood circulation, pressure-reducing mattresses reduce the risk of residents like Ross developing painful bedsores.

Now in his 92nd year, Ross is enjoying life in a familiar environment. The trick, he says, is simple. “Work hard for what you want to achieve.”

Ross has a daughter, four grandchildren and one great grandchild. He enjoys staying active and spending time with family and friends.

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