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Brighten Scott’s Life This Christmas

Scott in music class

There’s no place like home for the holidays, but for many this Christmas the hospital is a second home.

Scott Allison, a music and math teacher at Lester B. Pearson School for Performing Arts, is one of the many people who receives ongoing care from St. Joseph’s – during the holidays and all year round.

Scott as a small child

One of Scott’s first memories as a child was being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the tender age of two. 

He had developed an infection and his mother, a nurse, took him to Children’s Hospital in London. There he received a variety of tests including his blood glucose levels, which came back “sky high” he says.

Because Scott was so young his care was managed by his parents, who checked his blood glucose with finger pricks each day, administered insulin injections and watched out for his diet. He says it was likely a lot to take on for his mom and dad who worked, took care of four children and helped him control his diabetes – but he notes they did an amazing job.

Today Scott, 34, has learned to manage his type 1 diabetes thanks to the ongoing care he receives at St. Joseph’s Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism. He also has continual support from the Diabetes Education Centre, where a team of nurses and dieticians help him make good choices for his diet and activities.

Scott poses during skating routine

One of Scott’s passions is figure skating. He is one of 22 people on a synchronized skating team that competes. He says that although it’s physically demanding he’s able to do it because of his insulin pump that fine-tunes insulin delivery to keep his blood glucose levels in range during strenuous activities.

He also loves the candies at Christmas time. Scott uses the latest technology obtained through the Diabetes Centre -- a new continuous blood glucose monitoring device that replaces traditional finger pricks – to ensure he can indulge while staying safe. The device, attached to his arm, gives him up-to-the-minute information on his glucose levels with a simple scan. Because of it, he says he’s looking forward to treating himself this Christmas.

Season of Celebration, St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation’s year end fundraising campaign, helps raise funds for a variety of projects and specialty care equipment that help people like Scott enjoy life to the fullest – at Christmas time and all year round.

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