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Recovery & Rehabilitation

man in wheelchair

You can help us champion care for the mind and body through recovery and rehabilitation. Make a difference by supporting:

Our brains are critical to our ability to learn, pay attention, remember, plan, communicate, work and play. Our bodies are integral to movement, independence and living life to the fullest.

When either our brain or our body experiences injury or disease, the impact to our quality of life can be debilitating.

Our mental health and physical health share a critical link. That's why we're creating new collaborations through research and innovation that is focused on improving care, recovery and rehabilitation.

We have national and international clinical and research leaders in the areas of rehabilitation, geriatrics, dementia care, acquired brain injury and mental health care who are exploring and uncovering new and better ways to help somebody get back to life.

With your help we can improve lives affected by injury and disease and help somebody return to maximum function through RECOVERY AND REHABILITATION.