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Prevention & Management

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You can help us combat persistent and lifelong illness through treatment and prevention. Make a difference by supporting:

Persistent and lifelong illnesses (otherwise known as chronic disease) are on the rise despite remarkable improvements in health care.

Chronic disease is the single greatest threat to Canada's public health. Three out of five Canadians over the age of 20 lives with a chronic disease.

Illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, mental illness, and cancer are the greatest medical threats to life and well-being nowadays. They are a leading cause of premature deaths in people under the age of 60 worldwide.

St. Joseph's is nationally renowned in the areas of chronic disease care and research. We do this by providing comprehensive approaches, expert care, less invasive therapies, and enhanced prevention and education techniques that will reduce the impact on the individual and create best practices that inform health care worldwide.

With your help, we can improve care outcomes for those living with persistent and lifelong illnesses through excellence in TREATMENT & PREVENTION.