• St. Joseph's Health Crisis Fund

Operating Room Refurbishment

Funding Need: $3,437,500

St. Joseph’s expert surgeons perform more than 22,000 same-day and short-stay surgeries each year. To continue providing specialized surgery services for our region, we are committed to fully upgrading the equipment in the 11 operating rooms at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

In 2006, through donor support we created the G.A. Huot Surgical Centre: 11 state-of-the-art operating rooms used by many different care areas every day. But today, these 12-year-old facilities are no longer on the cutting edge. 

The boom lights and video towers in the operating rooms are obsolete, keeping some rooms underutilized. And the outdated technology is holding surgeons back from exploring ways to diagnose disease and studying the effects of new surgical interventions.

The installation of up-to-date equipment will improve visualization and image quality during procedures, reduce time lost to inefficient machinery, and make it easier to find compatible technology to keep up with advances in the field.