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Upgrading St. Joseph’s MRI Machines to Improve Patient Care

Funding Need: $875,000

St. Joseph’s patients rely on effective, high-quality medical imaging equipment to receive accurate diagnoses and treatment in a timely manner. However, the existing MRI machines are nearing the end of their lives. A citywide effort is underway to replace the imaging fleet across London’s hospitals. St. Joseph’s is seeking additional support to not only replace, but also upgrade the 1.5T MRI machine to a higher-quality 3.0T version.

The 3T MRI increases patient comfort by reducing examination times and widening the physical space to reduce claustrophobia. The increased magnetic field strength leads to better-quality images, allowing clinicians to identify smaller lesions and anatomical structures, and detect problems that cannot be seen with less powerful scanners. The detailed scans lead to a more accurate diagnosis and a better outcome for the patient.

The 3T MRI will be used by St. Joseph’s breast care, urology, and musculoskeletal programs, where it has been shown to have benefits including:

  • Breast Care: better prediction of malignancy and higher rates of cancer detection
  • Urology: more accurate detection of suspicious lesions in the prostate
  • Musculoskeletal: more accurate visualization of post-operative fractures, infections, and inflammation