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St. Joseph’s Auxiliary celebrates 90 years of service

members of St. Joseph's Auxiliary celebrate 90 years of service with storyboard shown

In April 1926, 30 women answered the call of the Sisters of St. Joseph to dedicate themselves “to volunteer humanitarian services to the hospital and its patients”. This devoted, compassionate band of women would become the St. Joseph’s Auxiliary, bringing light, joy and hope to so many.

Through fundraising initiatives, the Auxiliary has made a lasting difference to the lives of people in our community. In its early stages, this group of dedicated women began executing fundraising initiatives that would eventually lead to some of their first acts of philanthropy, like helping to furnish the Nurses’ Residence in 1927 and supporting the set-up of the Dietetic Centre at St. Joseph’s Hospital in 1929.

Over the decades, they evolved, changing with the times and the health care landscape, yet remaining focused, always, on patients and families. In 1992, the St. Joseph's Hospital Auxiliary, Marian Villa Auxiliary and St. Mary's Auxiliary combined under one banner: St. Joseph's Auxiliary.

Today they raise funds for the hospital through the sale of confectionary items and a wide range of merchandise at its Caring Hands gift shop located at the Cheapside Entrance of St. Joseph’s Hospital, and The Village Shoppe in the Town Square of Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care. The two stores earned over $63,000 in support of patient and resident care last year alone.

St. Joseph's Auxiliary has given more than $4 million in support of patient and resident care enhancements that otherwise would not have been possible. They have helped purchase specialized equipment for the Breast Care Program, comfort items for the residents of Mount Hope, and so much more over the years.

We are deeply grateful to the St. Joseph’s Auxiliary for their longstanding dedication to the work of St. Joseph’s Hospital and Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care.

A storyboard will be displayed outside the "Caring Hands" Gift Shop at St. Joseph’s Hospital to commemorate their 90 years of service

Highlights of the Auxiliary's impact over the years incude:

  • A Baby Photo Program for first-time parents
  • Escort services that supported patients from their surgery to their room
  • Bingo games at Mount Hope
  • The Marian Delight Booth which supplied free ice-cream treats to the residents of Mount Hope

Photos of St. Joseph's Auxiliary members over the years:

vintage photo of St. Joseph's Auxiliary members

Two volunteers sort out the pricing and counting of ojbects

three volunteers sort through clothing at the store

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