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Community Impact Report 2018-19

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Financial Report

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View our full financial report and listing of grants.

Your Donation Matters To...

Stephanie and her family


When Stephanie was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer she didn’t think she would make it past five years. Find out how donors like you are changing the outcome for people like Stephanie and her family. Read more.

Casandra holds up a portrait photo of her mother


When Casandra’s mom Diane required palliative care she spent her final days in a serene home-like place. Find out how donors like you are enhancing end-of-life care and providing family members like Casandra with peace of mind. Read more.

Paul and Lois sitting on a park bench holding an umbrella

Paul and Lois

When Lois received TMS treatments at Parkwood Institute’s Mental Health Care Building, her depression went into remission and Paul was able to see his wife smile again. Find out how donors like you are improving mental health care in our region. Read more.

More Reasons Why Your Donations Matter Here...

woman riding bicycle with patient in front

St. Joseph’s clinicians, researchers and staff are dedicated to advancing care and finding cures for our community. Find out how donors like you support programs, services, research and equipment that directly benefit patient care. Read more.

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