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President's Message

Michelle Campbell St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation’s mission is to support the work of St. Joseph’s Health Care London as it delivers care to patients and residents, educates tomorrow's caregivers and undertakes new discovery of medical research.

Established in 2004, as a result of the merger of Parkwood Hospital Foundation and St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation, we are governed by a 21-member board of directors that is representative of our communities.

We are a part of a growing number of Canadian charities accredited nationally with the standards of Imagine Canada’s Standards Program. This code holds the foundation to a higher standard on fundraising and financial reporting practices, and is a mark of our commitment to that ethical standard. Our foundation was one of the very first in Canada to attain this mark of distinction.

Because of your support, our Foundation was able to grant more than $4 million to care, education and research across the many programs and care sites of St. Joseph’s Health Care London in 2015-16. From flannel sheets and adapted nightgowns, to the funding of new videoconferencing equipment and education programs for caregivers – each grant made a difference in the lives of patients and residents.

Today, our focus continues on supporting the important work undertaken each day across the sites of St. Joseph’s Health Care London.