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Board of Directors

members of the foundation's board

Strong, passionate and committed. 

Three words that define the board of directors of St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation. 

The 18-member board of directors, which is representative of our communities, strategically leads and governs the work of the foundation. Each director serves on a number of committees where they are joined by community volunteers to oversee financial performance, donor stewardship, investment activity, allocations and fundraising.

2017-18 Board of Directors

Tania Testa, Chair
Keith Trussler, Vice-Chair
Theresa Mikula, Second Vice-Chair
Sally Aarssen
Lesley Cornelius
Ian Dantzer (Past Chair)
Dr. Tim Doherty
Paul Dugsin
Stacey Graham

Rod Hancock
Dr. Gillian Kernaghan
Brenda Lewis
Matt Pepe
Susan Truppe
Bill Tucker
Lisa Walters
Paul Way

*Supported by Michelle Campbell, President and CEO