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Vera and Maud's Story

Your donation enriches the lives of residents like Maud and Vera

two elderly women smiling near black railing

Maud Ransom grew up on a farm, surrounded by greenery and animals. That’s what made the trip to Heeman’s on Mount Hope’s new accessible bus her favourite yet. For Maud, “being here with all the flowers makes me feel like I’m back home.”

On a spring visit to Heeman’s, residents from Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care marveled at how the garden centre had grown since they first visited with their own families decades ago.

These are the moments that can make trips so special for residents. A community outing can be a chance to step back in time and revisit cherished places and pastimes from life before long term care. Back at Mount Hope, the memories live on as residents share stories from past visits and plan for their next adventure – another chance to stay active in body, mind and spirit.

Through the purchase of a wheelchair-adapted bus, donors have broken the barrier of mobility for many residents, who are now better able to explore the community beyond their residential centre.

“It means so much to us to be able to get out and do things like this.”

Vera Mellott
Resident, Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care

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