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Shane's Story

Your donation means a better future for people like Shane

Son, grandfather and father standing together

Shane Kloetstra was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three years ago, making him one of 1.6 million Ontarians with diabetes. For his family, that number hits especially close to home, because Shane is not alone: his father Dave and grandfather Chuck also live with the disease.

When Shane’s grandfather Chuck Kloetstra was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in his 60s, he already knew what to expect from years of supporting his son’s care.

Through his family’s journey, and now his own, Chuck has experienced firsthand how advanced treatments for diabetes have become. He is optimistic that there are more breakthroughs ahead – and maybe one day a cure. 

That’s what inspired Chuck and his wife Barb to join many others in the community and make a gift to the Clinical Research and Chronic Disease Centre at St. Joseph’s. They know that research makes better care a reality, and that their investment matters to their grandson Shane… and generations to come.

"St. Joseph’s has always been there to help my family navigate difficult health challenges."

Chuck Kloetstra
Patient and Donor

Hear from Chuck in his own words about why giving back matters to him.