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Your donations help people, like Jill, recover from serious injuries

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"I am so grateful for the help I've received and I want others to get their lives back too."

– Jill Wright

Life for Jill Wright was full, working as a communication consultant, shuttling her daughters to after school practices, and planning the opening of her family’s espresso bar in central London.

It was on a particularly busy evening at home that she hit her head on her kitchen’s granite counter upturning her life forever.

Jill’s mild traumatic brain injury from the accident was so severe that she couldn’t go to work, let alone grocery shop. She also experienced one challenge after another trying to seek out the rehabilitative care she so desperately needed.

It wasn’t until she was admitted to the Acquired Brain Injury’s BrainEx90 circuit training program at Parkwood Institute that Jill was able to start learning how to get parts of her life back – discovering a career that she enjoys and being social again.

Donors help improve the lives of people affected by serious injury by enabling St. Joseph’s to invest in equipment, treatments, and medical research that’s advancing rehabilitation and recovery.

  • Donors helped advance cutting-edge research in spinal cord, stroke and brain injury to deliver better rehabilitative care.

  • Donors helped purchase items like tablets, online patient education resources and walkers to enhance rehabilitative care.

  • BrainEx90 reduces patient wait times by running 3 sessions per week over 8 weeks.

  • Jill is ensuring others benefit from BrainEx90 through a gift from her family fund.