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Your donations fuel medical discovery and innovation

scientists leaning over glass railing

"Through donor support, our researchers challenge the present limitations of patient care by asking "what if?"

– Dr. David Hill, Scientific Director, Lawson Health Research Institute

Some of the brightest minds from across the globe work at St. Joseph’s research enterprise, Lawson Health Research Institute.

With your donations, they test, improve and advance new medications, devices and treatments that will enhance, extend and save the lives of those in our community and beyond.

These “game changers” are boldly going to the future of medical innovation by accelerating patient and resident care in areas like breast cancer, chronic diseases, like heart failure, hand and upper limb and surgical training.

Through the work of Drs. Jeffrey Carson, Savita Dhanvantari, Louis Ferreira, Matthew Teeter (pictured above L-R), and so many others, St. Joseph's is looking ahead to what people need to live longer, healthier lives.

Donors help fuel medical research by enabling St. Joseph’s to invest in discovery and innovation that will advance medicine, and ultimately save lives.

  • Every $1 spent on hospital research generates nearly $3 dollars of economic output and supports nearly 42,000 jobs.

  • Donors helped support Dr. Carson’s work developing advanced imaging technology that’s going to help surgeons perform just one surgery to remove all cancer present in the breast.

  • Donors helped support Dr. Dhanvantari’s team – currently the only research group in the world – to image a specific molecule that could predict heart failure.

  • Donors helped support Dr. Ferreira’s work developing some of the world’s first technologies to train the next generation of surgeons in hand and upper limb techniques.

  • Donors helped support Dr. Teeter’s work, which is leading the world’s first imaging study of shoulder implant fixation that will lead to longer lasting joint replacements.