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2016/2017 Highlights

New Chairs Advance Imaging Research

Drs. Ting-Yim Lee and Frank Prato

In a historical-first, the Foundation and Western University announced two research chairs that are advancing imaging research in honour of Dr. Ting-Yim Lee and Dr. Frank Prato.

The Ting-Yim Lee Chair in Cardiac Computerized Tomography (CT) Imaging Research is changing the way clinicians diagnose, and prevent, severe tissue damage after a cardiac event. This chair represents the next phase of CT imaging research, developing software and new methods that will save people’s lives.

The Dr. Frank Prato Research Chair in Molecular Imaging is improving the way clinicians detect diseases and course-correct treatments for life-threatening illnesses. This chair represents the next stage of precision medicine using molecular imaging to distinguish between varying forms of dementias, cancers, as well as detecting the early onset of cardiac disease and diabetes.

Timely Prostate Cancer Screening and Assessment

ribbon cutting ceremony unveiling new medical program

St. Joseph’s welcomed the Prostate Diagnostic Assessment Program (PDAP) which consolidated all prostate biopsy procedures to St. Joseph’s Hospital.

The program provides timely access to high quality diagnostic services, accelerates treatments, reduces wait times, and enhances quality of life throughout the assessment of prostate cancer.

New Frontiers in Medical Research

William Shatner on dark stage

Tribute Dinner showcased researchers and clinicians across St. Joseph’s that are looking ahead to what people need to live longer, healthier lives – revealing that what was once considered futuristic is now within reach.

The fundraiser also hosted legendary William Shatner who performed his one-man show Shatner’s World: We Just Live In It and paid tribute to London X-Ray Associates (LXA), who announced a gift to advance imaging research.

Vision Care at the Ivey Eye Institute Gets Support

Group of people hold up a large cheque

The London Central Lion’s Club has supported St. Joseph’s since 1984, raising funds through their Fight for Sight Fish Fry and Auction for St. Joseph’s Ivey Eye Institute.

The Lions are also volunteers and donors to the iSee Vision Screening Research Program, which provides screening for undetected eye impairments in young children between 18 months and 5 years of age.

Parkwood Institute Benefits from Fundraiser

group of women wearing orange shirts

The 22nd annual Dyer Brown Golf Tournament supports initiatives that are enhancing the care of patients and residents, including veterans and those recovering from injury, disease and age-related disability at Parkwood Institute.

New Approaches to Mental Healthcare

Patrick Kennedy speaks at Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of Champions raised critical funds to launch the first phase of Zero Suicide – a first in Canada – that sets a goal of making suicide a never event in health systems.

The fundraiser also featured Patrick Kennedy, former US congressman and son of late Senator Ted Kennedy. He spoke about confronting stigma by changing the way mental illness is viewed and talked about as well as his own struggles with bipolar disorder and addiction.

Care and Comfort Are Enhanced Through Season of Celebration

veteran resident smiling

Through community support, Season of Celebration is able to raise money for care and comfort items that enhance patient and resident well-being.

The year-end campaign also helps St. Joseph’s fund larger initiatives like the Veteran’s Transition Project at Parkwood Institute. The project is creating healing environments for Canada’s veterans with accessibility upgrades and two new lounges for socializing with family and friends.