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St. Joseph’s clinicians, researchers and staff are dedicated to advancing care, finding cures and easing the burden of disease for our community. Your generosity supports programs, services, research and equipment that directly benefit patient care.

Your donation...

Bob painting

…helps Bob pursue his passion

Ninety-two-year-old Bob Armstrong was thrilled to pick up a paint brush again and continue his passion for art when he moved to the Veterans Care Program at Parkwood Institute. Through Season of Celebration, you made possible care and comfort items like blanket warmers and pressure-reducing mattresses, as well as recreational activities and therapy programs that make the hospital feel like home for residents like Bob.

  • Our community has raised more than $5.7 million for patient and resident care needs through Season of Celebration over the last 28 years!
  • "I feel very proud to be a Veteran here at Parkwood. This is my new home.”

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three people in the MINDS social innovation lab

…gives youth a voice in their care

Youth mental health care was a priority at the 2018 Breakfast of Champions hosted by St. Joseph’s in partnership with CMHA Middlesex. Proceeds from the event supported the MINDS of London-Middlesex Social Innovation Lab, a radical and collaborative approach to transforming youth mental health. Former NHL player Clint Malarchuk shared his extraordinary life story and experience with mental illness and addiction.

  • 1 in 5 children and youth in Ontario have a mental health challenge.
  • 7 of the 17 members of the MINDS team are youth from the demographics the project will serve.
  • The MINDS collective includes 24 local health care and community organizations.

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Dr. Savita Dhavantari

...improves early detection

Lawson medical researchers like Dr. Savita Dhanvantari are studying diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and cancer at the earliest stage to help clinicians detect, treat and – in some cases – seek a cure. By combining the imaging capabilities of PET and the autoradiographic system, made possible through donor support, Dr. Dhanvantari can help patients get the personalized care they need.

  • The autoradiographic system is the only one in London, and one of just two in Southwestern Ontario.
  • St. Joseph’s is at the forefront of imaging, pushing the boundaries of what this research can do to help patient care.

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woman riding bicycle with patient in front

...gives Bobby the freedom to explore

Bobby was born deaf, but it never slowed him down in life. When he was cruising on his bike, nothing else mattered. When Bobby moved into an assisted living apartment he gave up bike riding. But now at Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care, he’s back in the saddle! Donor support made possible an accessible motorized bicycle that brings a new level of freedom for residents – and a new way to bond with family and staff.

  • Next door to Mount Hope are the riverside bike paths in Gibbons Park. The bike enables residents with limited mobility to enjoy the outdoors!
  • See the bike in action

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