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2017-18 Highlights

Your donation allows St. Joseph’s to:

physician in lab coat treats patient in bed

…Improve kidney stone treatments for more than 1,000 patients annually

Funded entirely through donor support, the most advanced lithotripter of its kind in North America is now helping urologists pinpoint kidney stones with increased precision to help improve outcomes for more than 1,000 patients who come to St. Joseph’s for treatment each year.

Lithotripsy is a non-invasive treatment that uses electromagnetic shock waves to disintegrate kidney stones into pieces as tiny as grains of sand, which can easily exit the body through urine.

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…Change the system to better support youth mental illness

Youth mental health took centre stage at the 2017 Breakfast of Champions, where Sue Klebold (mother of Dylan Klebold, one of the two shooters at Columbine High School) discussed her life after Columbine and how it led her to become a passionate mental health advocate.  

Proceeds from the event benefited St. Joseph’s partnership in the Mental Health INcubator for Disruptive Solutions (MINDS), a community collaboration that aims to improve the mental health care system for young people.

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...Put comfort in patients’ hands for cancer screening

From innovative technology to environment upgrades, there are several new developments underway in The Norton and Lucille Wolf Breast Care Centre, thanks to the generous support of our community.

Recognizing that people are more likely to seek care when they feel safe and comfortable, St. Joseph’s has become the first Canadian hospital to provide enhanced mammography machines that let patients directly control the degree of compression – and comfort – during their exam.

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...Advance research and specialized urological care

The 2017 Men’s Health Breakfast brought our community together with radio icons Bill Brady and Steve Garrison to hear about the latest trends in men’s health and receive expert tips on healthy aging.

Funds raised will advance research and enhance care for people who come to St. Joseph’s for specialized urological care, including urinary stone disease, prostate and kidney cancer and many other common diseases of the male and female urinary tract.

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...Bring new hope to the breast care journey

St. Joseph’s Breast Care Program once again received proceeds from the Ladies Night for Breast Cancer event at Grand Bend’s F.I.N.E. A Restaurant. 

Thanks to the dedication of community volunteers and donors, St. Joseph’s brings new hope to thousands of women on their journey of care through The Norton & Lucille Wolf Breast Care Centre.

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...Explore new dimensions to provide truly personalized orthopedic care

Working under Dr. Louis Ferreira at St. Joseph’s Roth McFarlane Hand & Upper Limb Centre, the surgical mechatronics student research team blends cutting-edge technology with new approaches to clinical care.

Donations to surgical mechatronics enable innovations like virtual reality training systems for surgeons, and 3D printing technology that redefines the idea of personalized care by creating custom-made equipment on a patient-by-patient basis.

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...Bring vital dialysis care closer to patients

Every day, 15 Canadians are diagnosed with kidney failure, leading to a life-sustaining routine of hemodialysis – and hundreds of annual trips to a dialysis unit for care. 

St. Joseph’s partnered with London Health Sciences Centre to establish a hemodialysis service in Parkwood Institute’s Main Building, with donors supporting renovations to create the purpose-built space required.

Now, inpatients at Parkwood can receive this vital treatment without having to leave, saving them time and energy so they can focus on rehabilitation and recovery.

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...Eliminate stigma and help heal invisible scars

Lieutenant General (Ret.) Roméo Dallaire spoke candidly about his mission to eliminate mental health stigma in Canada’s military at Tribute 2017. The event honoured Canada’s heroes and the invisible scars they often bring home from battle.

St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation was also proud to pay tribute to community leaders Frank and Kathy Longo, whose volunteer leadership and philanthropy have been instrumental in advancing patient care at St. Joseph's.

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...Improve care and comfort at Christmas and year-round

Season of Celebration supported a variety of patient care and comfort initiatives, including the replacement of wheelchairs at Parkwood Institute’s Main Building.

Many people admitted to Parkwood require wheelchair support, but do not have their own, and the hospital’s inventory is in need of replacement due to wear and tear.

With the support of donors, Parkwood Institute can replace and upgrade the wheelchair fleet to continue meeting the unique needs of every patient and resident.

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...Increase access to education that leads to better health

To help St. Joseph’s earn complete confidence in the care we provide, donor funds supported ongoing training and development of staff and clinicians through educational opportunities such as diabetes workshops, breast imaging seminars and nursing conferences.

This year, St. Joseph’s also expanded health care education into the community through the launch of the new DocTalks speaker series. [link to DocTalks page] 

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...Support care and research initiatives across our organization

Donor support enabled projects across St. Joseph’s, including: 


  • The new 6,000 sq. ft. research space at the CRCDC to tackle the urgent need for solutions to chronic disease, which currently represents 67% of health care costs nationwide
  • Research into the health benefits of gut microorganisms through the Endowed Chair in Human Microbiology & Probiotics
  • A study exploring which types of breast cancer surgeries are most effective for younger patients
  • The purchase of autoradiographic equipment that will dramatically improve molecular imaging procedures for early detection of disease 

Patient and Resident Care

  • The Mount Hope Wishing Well program, which allows residents to realize their dreams and pursue meaningful opportunities like visiting a museum or going to dinner with a friend
  • The purchase of an additional fetal Doppler monitor to reduce patient wait times and improve prenatal testing at the Family Medical Centre
  • Enhanced safety equipment for the Veterans Care Program through the purchase of items such as bathtub lifts and grab bars

Mental Health Care

  • The completion of phase 1 of Canada’s first Zero Suicide Initiative, setting a bold goal of making suicide a never event within our health care system
  • A “wall of hope” to allow patients at Parkwood Institute’s Mental Health Care Building to explore and express their spiritual and religious beliefs
  • Funding for research and system innovation through the Dr. Joseph Rea Endowed Chair in Mood Disorders

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