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Financial Report

Tania Testa and Michelle Campbell

We are humbled by the generosity of donors like you and inspired by your impact on patient and resident care. In this year’s Community Impact Report, we celebrate some of the many ways that donations enable St. Joseph’s to push boundaries that change lives.

This year, St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation unveiled a bold new brand to reinforce our commitment to improving the lives of those we serve. We are proud to stand by our promise that your donation matters here.

Your donation matters to patients, who rely on St. Joseph’s reputation for compassionate care on their journey of recovery; to residents, who continue to live fully and engage with the community through St. Joseph’s; and to the next generation, who look to St. Joseph’s to continue to redefine the future of highly specialized care.

As we reflect on our success, we never waver from our Foundation’s commitment to support health care innovation and discovery. Every breakthrough improves a life, and every gift makes a true difference. Thank you.

Tania Testa
Chair, Board of Directors

Michelle M. Campbell
President and CEO

pie graph distribution of grants

Donors enabled St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation to invest $4.3M where it matters most: in care and medical research initiatives that improve the health of people across our region.